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Name:Bingo for the romantic in you...
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What is Fluff Bingo?

Fluff Bingo is a low pressure prompt challenge community for the romantic heart in you. We all love kink, but this bingo challenge is for the softer side of your fandom and original characters. Sign up to participate and you will get a bingo card with 24 fluffy prompts for all the feels in you. You then decide how you want to make your bingo (a single straight line, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; blackouts). To fill a square, use the prompt to help create a fic that is at least 500 words minimum. Some prompts are scenarios which you will need to incorporate in your fic (ex: first date. This fic must incorporate the characters going on a first date, hearing about a first date, etc). Once you've completed a bingo, you post a link to your stories in one post and tag it "Completed Bingo!" You will then get a completion banner for the bingo challenge. Once you've completed a bingo on your card, you can either keep going on that card or request a new card from your mod. You cannot request a new card until you've completed at least one bingo on the card you're given.

This Bingo challenge will run run once a quarter:
[Q1] January, February, and March
[Q2] April, May, and June
[Q3] July, August, and September
[Q4] October, November, and December

Who Can Play?

Do you enjoy writing fluff for fandom or original characters? Than his is a challenge for you to write all your fluffy love fest fics to you hearts content. Any fandom and any pairing are accepted. Yes! You can also write fics for original characters.

General Community Rules

1. Respect the mods and your fellow members.
2. Only post your own creations.
3. Original Characters are totally welcome!
4. Gen/Het/Yaoi/Yuri are all acceptable.
5. Acceptable ratings are G through NC-17.
6. Post during challenge run dates and amnesty days
7. Only request one bingo card at a time.
8. Use the community tags. If you don't see your fandom, create a tag. ONLY tag with fandom tags
9. Commenting on your fellow group members post is encouraged but not required
10. Have fun!

Are you ready to play? Please click the links below for further information and game rules

1. FAQ
2. Game Play
3. Posting Guidelines
4. That's A Bingo
5. Winner Hall of Fame

Sign up dates for Round Two

Quarter Two Fluff Bingo 2019

Sign up dates
March 15, 2019-March 31, 2019

Posting Dates to win Bingo
April 1, 2019-May 31, 2019

Amnesty Days
June 1, 2019- June 8, 2019

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